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36 Things

Last week marked the 1-year anniversary of my first date with my man. Our first date was on a cold winter morning, and he drove up the hill to my little ridge town on a Tuesday I think it was. He'd invited me thrift shopping on the ridge. At the time I still owned my little shop, and he met me there. We hardly knew each other at all, but we'd met through the urgings of a mutual friend. We started with coffee and then went to as many thrift stores and antique stores as we could before we both had to head down the hill to pick up our various children from school. That day I bought an electric pencil sharpener that reminded me of my childhood, and it is now one of Asher's favorite things. 

Right before our anniversary, Alec turned 36. So on our anniversary, I gave him a list of 36 things that I love about him. A girlfriend of mine did this for me once, years ago, when I turned 25 or 26, and I remember it making me so ridiculously happy. 

Here's the list I made for Alec:

36 things i love about you

you make the best tempeh reubens and you like to drink tea with me even though you're such a coffee pro. I love that you are such a coffee pro and I love watching you steam milk and hold the pitcher while you look at me. I love all the books you have and how you don't care about things like messes or too much laundry or the dirty cups on the porch. I love that you notice people and how they feel and what they need. I love your poems and your scratchy handwriting, your scruffy face and your plaid shirts. I love your karate kid heart and how you always do what you say you will do. I love your filthy boy truck and your amazing kitchen skills and how when you cook you don't care how much time we have or we don't have, you just cook. I love how you chop vegetables. I love how you love people. I love your epic dad skills, your wilderness skills, the way you can talk to anyone with extreme patience and kindness. I love how you let people be who they are. I love how you let yourself be who you are. I especially love how silly you are and your perfect acting skills; you are one of the best storytellers I've ever met because you channel story and art through your physical body with impeccable grace. You are hilarious. You are so loving. You are very very handsome. You read poems to me in the car and you read poems in front of audiences of people you don't know. I love when you read me anything, your own writing or from other people's books. I love your voice. I love how you ask what I need and take care of me when I'm sick, and I love how good you are at being human.


Remember to always tell people how much you love them. The little things can bring a lot of joy. 


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