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Moon Moods: A Track Your Cycle Book

Moon Moods: A Track Your Cycle Book


As women who menstruate, our bodies follow a unique cycle that's linked to the 28-day cycle of the moon. Tracking your personal menstrual cycle teaches you about yourself and about the world.

This 26-page book covers how to track your cycle, why to track it, what the heck it has to do with the moon, and also includes fun factsquotes from other women who menstruate, and 4 pages of moon mood art to inspire you to think outside the box and tune into what really moves you. 

This book is:

  • Simple and clear (easier to understand!)

  • FOR ALL AGES. Anyone who gets a period or is going to get a period will benefit from it, younger and older alike.

  • Digital format (PDF) so you can read it on any device

  • 26 pages

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