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The 3-for-5 (Quick Site Build)

The 3-for-5 (Quick Site Build)


Need a website but don’t want to invest tons of money? Looking for a simple, elegant, effective web presence without too much fuss or hassle?

This is what you need! For only $500, I’ll build you a 3-page website so that:

  • Your audience can find you

  • Your audience can contact you

  • You can look + feel professional

  • Your business can feel more grounded and legitimate

  • You can cross “website” off your list

These basic, 3-page sites are perfect if you are needing to have a presence on the internet but you don’t want to spend too much time or money worrying about a fancy website. A lot of times, we just need a place where people can go to learn about us, learn about our business, and connect with us. That’s what this is for.

This basic package does not include e-commerce, blogs, calendars, or 3rd-party integrations (besides Mailchimp).

After you purchase, I will contact you to schedule a call and our building journey will begin. All sites will be built on Squarespace and you will need to purchase your own Squarespace subscription.

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